Wood Floor Reviver

  • Protects and extends the life of varnished and pre-varnished floors.
  • Revives and conditions varnished wooden and parquet floors.
  • Mask minor scratches and scuff marks.
  • Produces a tough, durable and non-slip finish.
  • Adds an attractive satin to gloss finish in a simple one-step application.
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Unit Size



500ml diluted = 25-35m²

Drying Time:

30 min


Cloth or Mop

Tool Cleaning:



Ensure the floor is clean, dry and dust free.


Shake well before use. Apply a thin coat of diluted Wood Floor Reviver (2 parts Reviver to 1 part water) evenly to the surface using a sponge, mop or floor cloth and allow to dry for a minimum of 1 hour. On heavy traffic areas or badly worn surfaces, apply a second coat once the first coat has dried thoroughly.


  • Wash and dry floor.
  • Re-apply Wood Floor Reviver as required when the surface looks dull and tired.
  • Remove as much of the product as possible from the tools after use. Do not dispose of residues and washing water/solvents in the sink, toilet, sewer, bin, etc., in order to avoid discharge into the environment.