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The Liberon Story

The 1900s - The Liberon Story
The Liberon story began back in 1912, in a shop in Faubourg Saint-Antoine, the district of Paris where art artisans once met. Georges Libéron took over a factory producing articles for painters and wood gilders and set up shop at 163 rue Saint-Denis. The store's clientele consisted mainly of professional gilders and cabinetmakers.

Visionary and passionate, Georges Libéron joined forces with his brother-in-law, Paul Chotard and diversified into furniture maintenance by launching a new range, the “blue line”, which was so well received it then convinced Georges Libéron to develop products for home maintenance.

It was from a polish patent that Georges Libéron developed his range of formulas containing antiseptic and parasiticidal properties. Available in paste or liquid wax, the “blue line” polishes – including flagship product Black Bison - facilitated the maintenance of floors and furniture, quickly becoming the “miracle” maintenance product for any surface, guaranteeing perfect cleanliness and unrivalled shine.

Why the name “The Black Bison”?
In the 1950s, everything that came from the United States was synonymous with progress and modernity. The Bison, an emblematic animal, symbolises resistance and robustness. The adjective “black” recalls the colour of the paste available at the time in shoe polish and encaustic painting.

The 70s-90s - From antique dealers to mass retailers
During this time the brand was reconnecting with the professional world of cabinetmakers and wood craftsmen, and enriching its technical product offering.

In the 90s, wanting to share its love of beautiful materials with as many people as possible, the brand was bought by the V33 Group, becoming the go-to brand for products for wood and other noble materials (tiles, marble, leather, etc.).

The 2000s - Passion for creativity
As flea markets, garage sales and consignment sales became more popular, bringing together bargain hunters and budding decorators eager to unearth “the” forgotten piece that they can restore or transform, the up-cycling era was born.

Based on this observation, the Liberon brand evolved, bringing old decorative techniques up to date with the introduction of a range decorative effects including liming and patinating as a real alternative to wood finishes. The range expansion offered finishes for more materials, more effects and more ease of use.