Superior Decking Stain

  • Biosourced formula based on vegetable oils and modified bio-based resins.
  • Tough, durable protection against weathering, sunlight and extreme temperatures from -10°C to +35°C.
  • Gives water and water resistant finish to most types of exposed timber.
  • Anti-slip.


Light Oak


Light Silver



Where to buy

Unit Size:

2.5L, 5L


2.5L = 30m²

Drying Time:

24 hr


Brush or Roller

Tool Cleaning:



Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from previous finishes and dust. Lightly sand new wood and clean old wood with Libéron Tough Deck Clean & Revive.

Hardwoods: It is recommended to leave the wood exposed for up to 12 months before applying this product. This allows the grain in the wood to open and breathe and aids adhesion of the product.


Apply the product in temperatures between 12°C and 25°C in dry weather. Stir very well before use to mix all the ingredients in the tin. Ensure the weather conditions will be dry for 24 hours before application. Apply a not too thick coat of Superior Decking Stain with a paint brush or roller. Allow to dry for 2 hours then apply a second coat. Any unabsorbed product remaining on the surface should be evened out with a brush to avoid unsightly marks. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours before use.


  • CAUTION: Risk of self-combustion. Wet with water any textiles or tools soiled with the product and dispose of them in a tightly closed container.
  • For general maintenance, clean with water.
  • During the next season, we recommend applying a further coat of Superior Decking Stain if necessary.
  • Always replace the lid, otherwise the product can deteriorate.
  • May not be suitable for some exotic hardwoods, test first on an inconspicuous area.
  • Remove as much of the oil as possible from the tools after use. Do not dispose of residues and washing water/solvents in the sink, toilet, sewer, bin, etc., in order to avoid discharge into the environment.