Knotting Pale

  • Helps stabilise resinous wood and prevent seepage from knots in resinous woods prior to painting or varnishing.
  • Suitable for use on all types of wood.
  • Helps to minimise the discolouration of paint finishes, and is ideal for use on pine before painting.
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Unit Size:

125ml, 250ml


250ml = 2-4 m²

Drying Time:

2 hr



Tool Cleaning:

Methylated Spirit


Ensure the surface is bare, clean, dry and free from dust. If the wood is to be dyed or stained, this must be completed prior to the application of Libéron Knotting Pale.


Apply one coat only of Libéron Knotting directly on to the knots with a good quality, clean brush. Knotting will be touch dry in 15 minutes but leave to fully dry for a further 2 hours before applying any finishes.


  • Important: Libéron Knotting is not recommended for oiled or waxed surfaces. Always test product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for colour, compatibility and end result.
  • Remove as much of the product as possible from the tools after use. Do not dispose of residues and washing water/solvents in the sink, toilet, sewer, bin, etc., in order to avoid discharge into the environment.