Liming Wax

  • Special effects white wax used to create a limed effect on oak and other interior hardwoods.
  • Perfect for use on oak, elm and other hardwoods.
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Unit Size:

250ml, 500ml


1L = 5-6m²

Drying Time:

5 min


Steel Wool or Cotton Cloth

Tool Cleaning:

White Spirit


Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from any previous finishes. Open the grain with a Libéron Liming Brush. On softwoods such as pine, use a wire brush or coarse abrasive paper to score the timber. If you wish to enhance the effect, colour the wood with Libéron Palette Wood Dye before applying the liming wax. Libéron Palette Wood Dyes are available in a wide selection of wood shades.


Work the Liming Wax into the grain of the wood with Libéron Ultrafine Steel Wool (grade 0000) or a lint-free cotton cloth and wipe over with a clean cloth to remove excess. Allow to dry for 3 minutes. Remove the white haze using a cloth and Libéron Wax Polish Black Bison Neutral, or if a water-resistant finish is 500ml the EU required, with Libéron Finishing Oil. Apply a second coat of Wax Polish Black Bison and buff or add another coat of oil. The more coats of oil that are applied, the greater the water resistance and the higher the shine.


  • Important: Always test product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for colour, compatibility and end result.
  • CAUTION: Risk of self-combustion. Wet with water any textiles or tools soiled with the product and dispose of them in a tightly closed container.
  • Remove as much of the product as possible from the tools after use. Do not dispose of residues and washing water/solvents in the sink, toilet, sewer, bin, etc., in order to avoid discharge into the environment.