Iron Paste

Based on graphite and on waxes that resist heat up to +700°C. It doesn’t leave sticky finish, it doesn’t need to be warmed up before application. It doesn’t give off any smoky smell when heating the treated surface. Libéron Iron Paste removes grease, soot, ashes and dust. Protects cast or wrought iron from rust and covers the surface with a nice graphite patina. Not suitable for food contact.

Leather Cream

Libéron Leather Cream softens and feeds both antique and modern leather. Giving the leather a soft sheen, it is ideal for reviving leather-bound books, settees, bags and items of clothing.

Gilt Cream

Libéron Gilt Cream is an easy-to-apply gilt finish used to retouch damaged gilding or to gild new surfaces. Available in a range of intermixable colours, it is suitable for restoring old gilding work and for giving a gilt finish to new surfaces.