Lubricating Wax

  • Lubricates and cleans tools and machinery.
  • Protects against rust formation.
  • Assists in the quick cleaning and easy removal of glue from veneer presses and G-clamps.
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Unit Size:

500ml, 1L

Drying Time:

10 min


Brush or Cotton Cloth

Tool Cleaning:

White Spirit


Test products first to check compatibility and end results.


Shake well before use. Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from rust. Apply a thin coat of Libéron Lubricating Wax using a brush or clean cotton cloth. Allow to dry before use. Re-apply as required.


  • Use as required to keep tools and machinery in good condition.
  • Important: Ensure all working machinery is switched off and stationary before using Libéron Lubricating Wax. Allow to dry before switching on equipment.
  • Remove as much of the wax as possible from the tools after use.