Latin name: Swietenia macrophylla

Type of wood: Hardwood


There are many species of mahogany, mainly grown in North and Central America. Known for its straight grain and characteristic red brown colour, it polishes and oils very well and can be buffed to a very high shine. An exceptionally durable hardwood, it is the ideal choice for furniture and fittings around the home.


Mahogany is commonly used for furniture joinery, flooring veneers and musical instruments.


  • durable, long lasting wood
    • attractive wood grain
    • less likely to warp when exposed to sunlight
    • good water resistant properties
    • highly resistant to wear and tear
    • stains and polishes well


  • very heavy and dense wood
    • thin, mahogany veneers can be difficult to protect as finishes can react with adhesive used in the veneering process