Easy French Polish

Easy French Polish is a shellac and resin-blended polish ideal for use on furniture, carved woodwork and artefacts in rare or exotic woods. Suitable for use on small surfaces measuring one square meter or less, it will beautifully enhance the wood’s natural finish.

Button Polish

Button Polish is a traditional, golden brown-stained, high quality French polish that is suitable for use on antique finishes. It is used to warm new or pale looking wood, as well as cover blemishes and marks.

Black Polish

Black Polish is a black-stained, high quality French Polish that is suitable for use in the ebonising process. It helps to stop the grain of the wood showing through.

Special Pale French Polish

A colourless and transparent high quality French polish made from the finest pale de-waxed shellac. Ideal for lighter colour woods and preserving the colour on marquetry work, it produces a warm and natural effect to wood bringing out the timber’s natural graining.

Garnet Polish

Garnet Polish is a high quality, dark brown stained French polish that is used to create an aged effect on dark woods. It will darken all types of wood and is ideal for use in antique restoration.