Hello, today Libéron is going to show you how to varnish a wooden floor at home.
Varnish is a great choice for wooden flooring because it is durable and hardwearing. Perfect if you have lots of people coming and going and maybe a dog or cat too.

The first task if you haven’t already done so is to prepare the floor correctly. To learn more about this important process watch our ‘how to prepare wood‘ video. Secondly decide whether you wish to add a colour to the floor or whether you prefer the wood to stay the same colour.

There are many great things about Libéron Natural Finish Floor Varnish. Not only is it environmentally friendly and safe for use on toys it can also be tinted with Libéron’s water-based palette wood dyes. This means that you can create all sorts of coloured floors around your home with very little effort.

Pour one 250ml tin of Palette Wood Dye into one 2.5L tin of Natural Finish Floor Varnish and stir well. Then pour the varnish into a tray and apply plank by plank with a roller or brush. Allow to dry for two hours and then sand lightly with some very fine sandpaper, remove the dust and apply a second coat of clear varnish.

Once this coat is dry repeat the process with a third and final coat of clear varnish. Make sure you leave the floor for 24 hours before using it to make sure the varnish has fully hardened. If you do not wish to dye the floor simply apply the varnish in the same way, sanding lightly between each coat. Then stand back admire your work and enjoy using your floor.

To keep it looking good for longer use Libéron Wood Floor Reviver to extend the life of the varnish and give a slip-resistant finish. Simply wipe onto the surface and allow to dry for half an hour. Easy peasy!