Hello, today Libéron is going to show you how to clean and oil a softwood timber deck.

Decking is a popular choice for exterior hard landscaping because it is durable and blends in nicely to the surrounding environment. Decking does, however, require regular maintenance, ideally at least once a year, but with Libéron’s decking and wood exterior protection products this process is quick and easy.

The first job is to clean the decking. Over time, decking becomes dirty and mould can build up on the surface, so it’s best to use a natural wooden deck cleaner. Libéron Tough Deck Clean and Revive will gently remove grease, grime and algae from the surface leaving it clean and ready to oil. Simply dilute the cleaner with up to two parts warm water. Here we’ve used 500ml of cleaner and 1L of water. Then using a stiff brush or broom, brush the cleaner onto the decking.

Once applied, rinse the whole area with fresh water and leave the deck to dry for at least 24 hours before oiling. For stubborn stains scrub the affected area with a neat solution of Tough Deck Clean and Revive and this should remove the stain well.

The next step is to oil the decking. For softwood decking such as pine or larch, Libéron Decking Oil is ideal. If you have a hardwood deck such as iroko, ipe, oak or balau we recommend our specially formulated oil AQUA-STOP Tough Deck Finish.

To apply decking oil, stir the contents of the tin very well then apply the oil in thin coats with a brush, roller or spray gun. Today we are using a brush because it reaches all the grooves in the timber well. It is best to apply the decking oil in sections or plank by plank to provide your wood floor oil protection evenly.

After 20 minutes, apply another thin coat of oil on top of the coat already applied and then remove the excess oil with a cotton cloth. This will ensure the timber has soaked up enough oil to provide good protection. Then leave the area to dry for at least 24 hours before use.

Once dry you can sit back and enjoy the great outdoors!