Hello, today Libéron is going to show you how to apply a floor sealer and wax to provide a traditional soft sheen finish to a wooden floor in a living room.

This simple process will give your floor long lasting protection against wear and tear whilst at the same time making it look beautiful and enhancing the natural colour of the wood.

The first task if you haven’t already done so is to prepare the floor correctly. To learn more about this important process watch our how to prepare wood video. The next job is to apply Floor Sealer. To do this shake the tin well and pour the sealer into the black cap provided with the tin. Then using a natural bristle brush apply a thin coat of sealer to the wood in the direction of the grain.

It is best to apply the sealer plank by plank because approximately 10 minutes after application the excess sealer that has not soaked into the wood must be wiped away with a clean cotton cloth. This is a vital step because if it is not done the sealer will not dry properly and the surface may become sticky. Don’t forget also that this oil-based sealer will slightly darken the natural colour of the wood so bear that in mind.

After applying Floor Sealer leave it to dry for approximately five hours. Once dry a second coat can be applied following the same process as before. Depending on the porosity of the wood a third coat may be required so make sure you allow plenty of time to complete this job.

If you wish you can give the floor further protection by applying a coat of Floor Wax and buffing to a lovely shiny finish. Bear in mind though that you should only do this if your room is not exposed to humidity, such as a kitchen or bathroom. In these areas you should use Libéron Wood Floor Oil which is especially formulated for these conditions.

Shake the tin of Floor Wax very well pour into the black cap and then using a good quality, natural bristle brush apply a thin coat in the direction of the grain.

Allow the wax to soak in for around half an hour and then buff to a sheen using a cotton cloth brush or a Libéron Drill Brush with its purpose-built drill attachment. Simply fit the brush to the drill and polish. When buffed to the desired sheen level stand back and admire your work.