Old furniture can be easily and quickly brought back into use with Libéron products. Here, this old wash stand was lying around unloved but with a bit of care and work it was restored to its original beauty.

To complete this simple wood care task, you will need the following products:

  • Ultra Fine Steel Wool Grade 0000
  • Brass & Copper Cleaner
  • Retouch Crayon in matching colour
  • Wax & Polish Remover
  • Wax Polish Black Bison clear

Step One – Cleaning
Firstly, the metal handles and brackets were cleaned with Brass & Copper Cleaner and some Ultra Fine Steel Wool (Grade 0000).

Step Two – Repair
The next step is to fill any gaps, cracks or damaged areas with a Retouch Crayon. Simply work into the damaged area and allow to dry, then smooth with some very fine sandpaper.

Step Three – Remove old wax 
Before finishing the wood with wax it is important to remove any old dirty and worn wax finishes with Wax & Polish Remover. This will leave the wood nice and clean and ensure a good key for the new finish.

Step Four – Apply new coats of wax
Lastly apply a thin coat of Wax Polish Black Bison to the wood with some Ultra Fine Steel Wool (Grade 0000), allow to dry and then buff to a sheen.