To complete this simple wood care task, you will need the following products:

  • Cotton Cloths
  • Brass & Copper Cleaner
  • Brass & Copper Polish

Step One – Cleaning
Tarnished and dirty copper and brass can look unsightly and spoil the natural beauty of this attractive metal. Using Libéron Brass & Copper Cleaner and Polish surfaces can be restored quickly and easily.

Soak a cotton cloth in some Libéron Brass & Copper Cleaner and wipe over the surface of the metal. Light rubbing may be required to clean heavily tarnished areas.

Step Two – Polishing
Once the surface is dry pour some Libéron Brass & Copper Polish onto another clean cotton rag and rub briskly over the surface until a high shine appears. To help reduce further tarnishing rinse the metal with warm soapy water after polishing and then either apply Libéron Jade Oil or wax the cleaned and dry surface with Libéron Wax Polish Black Bison (neutral) to form a protective coat.