Woodcare Experts Since 1912

About Us

Libéron is a well-established woodcare brand within the UK. Wholly owned by the French multinational group V33, the company has been manufacturing high quality products for protecting and restoring wood and stone in domestic use since 1912.

Over the years, Libéron’s expertise in fine finishes has helped the company to expand its product range over the years into new areas and new materials.

During the last century its product range, mainly derived from natural ingredients, has continually evolved to meet the technical, performance and aesthetic requirements of today’s consumers. A greater focus on product application, design and technical advice has also been followed to complete the Libéron product offering.

Purchased by V33 Group in 1990, Libéron has continued to produce premium and innovative products for wood and stone care.


Libéron’s parent company Group V33 is based in France and employs 300 people in a range of positions from sales and marketing to production, logistics, research and development and finance.

In the UK is based in New Romney in Kent and has offices and warehouse space for storing and distributing products. The company employs 16 people including the Managing Director, Marketing Manager, Logistics and Purchasing Manager, Finance Manager, Sales Manager, Customer Services team, Picking and Packing team and a team of 6 sales executives who work across all areas of the UK.

Technology and Innovation

Libéron has been at the forefront of innovation in woodcare for over a century.  Many of its products contain highly advanced technology which result in superior quality finishes for the consumer as well as reassuring the retailer or merchant that they can trust the Libéron brand.

The extensive Research and Development facility at Group V33 in France has ISO 14001 accreditation and develops new technology and innovative formulas every year. In 2010 the company introduced the first decking product to contain nano technology in UV filters. This technology gives double strength protection to timber by preventing the UV rays from breaking down the wood whilst also repelling the rays from the surface to resist fading.

Key to the company’s commitment of new product development is the environmental criteria which all its products must comply with. Every effort is made to minimise the environmental impact throughout the product life cycle, whether it is the ingredients used in products, their manufacturing methods, transportation from factory to retailer or merchant, use by the consumer or final waste disposal, Libéron aims to reduce its use of resources as much as possible.

Above all, Libéron is proud to be one of the few companies in the UK with products which have been awarded the European Eco-label. This award is given to products which have satisfied strict environmental criteria during their manufacture and use. Libéron products awarded the European Eco-label are highlighted with the European Eco-label ‘flower’ logo. Examples of products with this label include Natural Finish Floor Varnish, Kitchen & Bathroom Varnish, Worktop Finish & Seal and Natural Finish Interior Varnish. These products have a low solvent content, excellent performance and very limited hazardous substances.

This gives added reassurance to the retailer or merchant, as well as the end consumer that Libéron products not only perform well but are safe and easy to use.

Product Ranges

Libéron’s extensive product range is attractively packaged into colour coded ranges for different areas of the home from furniture to exterior timber and decking, flooring to picture framing and specialist ranges, the company’s ethos is to provide a range which includes all the required products to complete the task from start to finish. This means from cleaning and surface preparation, to colouring, finishing and ongoing maintenance, there is a Libéron product for any wood or stone care task.

The company’s best-selling products include Decking Oil, a blend of high quality and hard wearing oils which nourish and protect timber decking against the worst of the British weather. Other popular products include Finishing Oil, a unique mix of oils to make interior wooden surfaces water, heat and stain resistant and the very well-known Wax Polish Black Bison which has been manufactured since the 1960s. This product has a plethora of uses around the home and is ideal for general wood care maintenance.

Libéron have the right products to help to keep all your exterior and interior woodwork and wooden furniture looking its best, from a a little side table to your exterior decking and garden furniture.

Libéron, woodcare experts since 1912.