Woodturning: a handy kit by Liberon

To complete its range of quality wood and metal care products for the home, Liberon has turned its attention to the traditional art of woodturning with a range of woodturning tools for both beginner and tradesman. Indeed, if you are just starting your new hobby, Liberon's Woodturning Kit is ideal, easy to use and provides a good quality finish for your creations.


Full instructions for applying your Lathe Polish and correct sanding to obtain a perfect surface come with the pack to help you obtain the desired results. Liberon Woodturning Kit includes Lathes Polish, safety cloths, a woodturning stick and Tack cloth. At Liberon you will also find ideas about colouring your turned wood objects which adds to the possibilities for your artwork.


For the well-practised woodturner who prefers homemade woodturning sticks, Liberon has also developed a hard, natural vegetable wax, the Carnauba Wax. In the form of flakes, you simply heat the wax and pour into your chosen mould and leave to cool to create your woodturning stick! For more about Liberon Woodturning products, feel free to consult recommendations online.

Woodturning and wood care for the home

Liberon is a a leading manufacturer in a whole range of wood care products for the home. Using the latest technologies, wood treatments, repair and renovation products for furniture and interior and exterior woodwork are available in innovative formulas, designed to bring the best out of your wood. Liberon shares its know-how online with plenty of decor ideas for every room in your home, let yourself be inspired and create the finish you desire...


If you would like any further information about Liberon woodturning products, please contact us.