Wood finishing

Finishing wood: Liberon quality for your floors, furniture and woodwork

Welcome to the world of Liberon, home to leading wood finishing products for the home end garden. Discover our range of oils, waxes, varnishes and French Polishes to bring out the best of your interior woodwork, furniture and floors.


A visit to the Liberon product catalogue will help you choose the wood finishing product that best suits your needs.


Whatever your renovation or restoration project, Liberon provides wood care products that are gentle on your woods while providing high performance protection. Enhance the beauty of your wood floors, nourishing Floor wax for a traditional wood finishing or add new life to your tabletop with an easy-to-use French Polish.  


If your woodwork needs a touch of repair before applying your chosen wood finishing product, trust Liberon's retouch crayons, fillers, stain removers and pens to restore the beauty of your surfaces. The Liberon Repair, Renovate and Revive Kit is a handy pack of care products for the home that will help prepare your wood for the ultimate finish.


Liberon has been caring for wood for over a century and is proud of its innovative, high performance products. Feel free to consult the Liberon website, for advice about application techniques and renovation ideas for your home.


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