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Bring out the best of your home with Liberon's range of wood care products. As a leading manufacturer of fine quality products for the repair, renovation and maintenance of wood both indoor and the exterior, we invite you to view our product catalogue and discover our range of wood care for floors, gardens, furniture and our range of gilding creams and bases for frames. In addition to wood care, we have also developed treatments for metals.


Whether you need creams, retouch crayons or burnishing creams to restore the beauty of your funiture, or are looking for a hard wearing varnish with a beautiful finish, we provide easy to follow guidance about how to prepare your wood surface and obtain optimal results.


Established in wood care for over a century, we take pride in our products and continue to create new, high performing waxes, oils, varnishes, woodstains that provide high level protection, nourishment and care for your woods.


Discover the Liberon Club created so that we can share our knowledge of different woods with you and also offer advice and tips about caring for your woodwork. Feel free to download our brochures about any of our wood care products.


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Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information about our wood care products.

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