Furniture polish

Wood furniture polish: bring out the shine with ease

Experts in wood furniture polishes for more than a hundred yearsLiberon, the French-based manufacturer of quality wood care products for homeusers. Whether you are an ardent DIY enthusiast or discovering the beauty of restoration work for the first time, you will appreciate the simple to use varnishes, waxes, stains and repair products for all your woodwork.

The Liberon wood furniture polish range includes the Easy French Polish, Black Polish and Special Pale French Polish for the finish of your desire. Simple application on bare, clean wood will give a highly professional result. In addition to wood furniture polishes, discover the Liberon Beeswax sticks, wax pastes in innovative formulas...

For recommendations on repair and maintenance of your wood furniture, feel free to consult the Liberon Club where you will find a host of handy tips and hints to help you make the most of your wood furniture polish and care and repair products for floors, furniture, garden. Liberon invites you to view the product catalogue for all your wood furniture renovation projects!

Furniture polish in true Liberon tradition

Liberon helps you create that traditional finish in respect of your antique furniture or pieces to which you would like to give an older feel...the furniture polish range of products are varied, offering you the opportunity to care for your wood no matter your experience level in restoration and maintenance of fine furniture. Simply choose the tint, black, golden brown or transparent, liquid or in flake form and a little well-applied elbow grease will give you the results you desire for your valuable home. Liberon provides easy to follow instructions for product use, details on material safety and product composition online.

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