Laminate floor cleaners

Laminate floor cleaners for hardwood or stone finish flooring

Liberon invites you to create the perfect finish for your flooring, whether wood, stone or laminate. Laminate floor cleaner works well to maintain your flooring in top condition.


The non-aggressive, Laminate Clean and Seal by Liberon removes dirt and daily grime from laminate floors. Stubborn stains, mud marks are wiped away with an easy to use formula. The laminate Clean and Seal is a water-based product that can be diluted for a general clean or used as a concentrate for a difficult area!


Laminate floor cleaner and handy repair sticks

In addition to the laminate floor cleaner, Liberon also provides specific repair and revive products for your flooring allowing you keep your flooring looking its best. Consult our product catalogue for more details about the laminate reviver, sealer and repair sticks and restore sheen, fill in scratches and joints for a perfect finish.


If you would like any futher information about the Liberon laminate floor cleaner, please contact us.